Welcome To All Pakistan furniture Exporters Association (APFEA)

All Pakistan Furniture Exporters Association (APFEA) with its Head office at Karachi – the mini Pakistan, and zonal office in Lahore is a reputed trading body working with close coordination with other trade bodies of Pakistan, to make the furniture and handicrafts sector extremely productive for all its stakeholders, to facilitate the members affiliated with us, and ultimately they could get maximum financial, technical, and professional backstopping they need from APFEA whilst exporting and trading with foreign companies, to promote the furniture and handicrafts industry, with a view to flourish this sector day by day, and ultimately they could penetrate into all national and international commercial centers dotted all over the globe.

APFEA is serving as a registered body since May 2008, whilst it’s playing its key role since last over one decade by serving for the welfare as well as to protect the rights and privileges of its members, by exclusively building linkages with government departments and other private and corporate sectors spread all over the country. In furthering our cause, let us exclusively state the special support and assistance being provided by the Trade & Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) as well as by the foreign missions representing Pakistan in different countries, without their assistance, it is quite difficult to move ahead. Thus TDAP and Pakistani foreign missions are greatly coordinating with APFEA that assists our members in materializing our plans, and to promote the exports of furniture industry in the commercial markets particularly in China, middle eastern as well as western countries. APFEA has always spearheaded all others in promoting the furniture and handicrafts sector in foreign booming commercial markets, by participating in national and international exhibitions, expositions, and fairs with a view to make our products popular, increase the number of buyers, and as a result, it may enhance the revenues of furniture and handicrafts exporters of all over our country.

We invite all traders in the field of furniture industry for the membership, in APFEA and get maximum help and assistance they need from us. We would provide advice and practical assistance in the areas of formalities of exporting, trade-driven data and information, ways to curtail expenditure in exporting the goods, grow sales and revenues as well as develop an international level profile of the company of our member.